Welcome To Homestarts

Founded in 1978, we are a community based, non-profit organization dedicated to the success of our clients through the delivery of management, maintenance, capital repair, consulting, and development services.

Homestarts’ Board is comprised of community volunteers and staff directors; all have extensive experience in co-operative housing. Its primary focus is organizational governance, particularly policy, finance and co-op sector relations.

We pride ourselves on having made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the co-op housing movement in Canada.

Our Services


Homestarts currently provides management and maintenance services to housing co-ops throughout southern Ontario. We have extensive experience with the housing programs and legislative and regulatory requirements affecting co-ops.

Over many years of experience we have developed a successful working relationship with all levels of government, and as negotiators and advocates, successfully advanced our clients' interests.



Homestarts provides ongoing consulting services to sector organizations, housing co-ops and non-profit housing groups. This includes management and/or needs assessments designed to assist clients in understanding the operational issues they face and then to develop an appropriate remedial plan.

We work closely with the education programs of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, local co-op housing federations....


settings_48Development & Capital Repair

Homestarts has a long history developing and co-ordinating construction of housing co-ops. We have a demonstrated commitment to well-built energy efficient homes, generous and functional community space, barrier free design and the accommodation of special needs.

Homestarts developed the first housing co-op in Canada built to the super energy efficiency standards of the federal government's R-2000 program.